Today was (as they say) one of two halves. It was a relatively short ride to my cousin’s house in Somerton (the ancient capital of Wessex – learned from the town sign on the way in). The route took me through some fine rural agricultural landscape, and onto a section of road closed for repairs. Not knowing what the diversion looked like, I negotiated to walk past the road-menders who had ripped up all the tarmac for about 1 km and were also replacing the manhole covers etc in the road. This was excellent as I had about 3 km of B road completely to myself. Towards the end I came to the village of Long Load (I imagine there are many jokes) where most front gardens had some sort of scarecrow/guy in attendance. Here are just a few of those.

Welcome to Long Load
I’m a bit potty
Avast there
Could this be our next Prime Minister – I hope not
Postman straw
Studying the parish notices
Sneaking back in after a long night out
The good Minister
One for Sam
One of the more complex members of the community
WE have got short plants and long plants for sale
Me, I’ll nick anything [Fast show sketch for the cognoscenti
One of my favourites
For all those in hospital

I was happy to see a village all working together to have a bit of fun – and to enjoy it without traffic. I’m told that Long Load is one of those on the Somerset Levels that is prone to flooding – I hope a sustainable fix to that has been implemented.

Todays totals: 48.9 km, 682 m ascent, 2 tubs. (Yesterday because I forgot again: 67.5 km, 1100 m ascent, 9 tubs)

Running totals: 461 km, 6288 m ascent, 39 tubs

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