Bank holiday

My nice cycle navigation system (combination of a Garmin 1030 and the website (highly recommended)) does a great job of keeping me away from traffic and people in general. Yesterday I traversed the outskirts of Plymouth and hardly saw anyone, today was the same with Exeter. The routes often go through 1960s housing estates that have seen better days. Some municipalities have done a good job on cycle routes, others less so.

A spectacular cycle/pedestrian on the outskirts of Exeter, over the A38. Great cycle infrastructure.
A part of National Cycle Route 2 that runs through a sheep field – very fine except that obvious the sheep preferentially use the road as a toilet – or so it seemed. Still good cycle infrastructure, but…
The green landscape of Devon accompanied most of my ride today

Today though I deliberately have come to a place full of Bank Holiday crowds – Charmouth – to see my friend Anne whom I have known since 1969. The route had a few ridges to get over but was broadly very enjoyable.

Charmouth beach with Bank Holiday crowds
My JNCC job persists… the site of the burial of a heavily decomposed “dolphin” (in the background, site of a dead seal). We talked to the beach superintendent who decided wisely to bury the smell before the arrival of the crowds this morning.

In order to keep up with my sister Jo’s suggestion of having cream teas everywhere, Anne and I had a look at a couple of very crowded and noisy cafes before discovering the local craft baker did take away cream teas – so we had our cream teas on a bench in the local park.

Take away cream tea – excellent!
Anne and I on the park bench – no crowds there!
Anne just 45 years ago showing me a jellyfish on a plank (as you do!)

2 thoughts on “Bank holiday

  1. Am loving this, thank you. But which way round do you do your cream teas? Cream first and then jam or the other way round?


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