Somerset Part 2

My aunt Pam and her son Michael (John) and daughter Hilary and their better halves Jan and Steve, all live in Somerton, so I had to call by and see them. I’m not sure when we all last met, but it was a long time ago. All of the older houses here are constructed of local stone and are beautiful. It is a shame the cost of stone is too high for the construction of the new outlying estates.

Blue Lias stone; towns around here are built of this

It was though really for my family that I came here – my cousins Michael and Hilary have known me for all of my life – they featured in the picture of the picnic on Praa Sands earlier in this blog.

Michael and Hilary just around the time they first knew me
Aunt Pam (99 next month), Hilary and Michael now
Cream Tea, Somerton style

Before the cream tea (anyone notice a theme developing here?), Michael and Jan were kind enough to take me to Glastonbury and its Tor. Glastonbury is a very distinct throwback to the mid 1960s – I am not sure that I have seen as many hippies in one place (with all associated shops) since the early 1970s. The Tor though needed to be climbed, so we did that.

The summit party on its way up the Tor
Not quite the same amount of queuing as on Everest just now….
Glastonbury from the Tor – the Bristol Channel on the horizon

One thought on “Somerset Part 2

  1. Been up the Tor. Good shops nearby for buying razor blade-sharpening wire pyramids, divining crystals and other useful(?) hippy stuff. Like the garden dummies – seems a nice place to live


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