Journey 1

Bike on the back of the car

Today consisted of getting up very early to finish a few things off. Bike was then loaded onto the back of the car – I’m always nervous about that as the rack seems very flimsy – however we made it to Aberdeen station in the rain.

Ready to roll at Aberdeen railway station

Then a short negotiation to get the bike into the guard’s van – I am not sure if he was having 40 winks when I knocked on his door but he looked startled! Bikes hang vertically next to the water!

And then settle into seat for 7 hour trip to London Kings Cross – is this the first of many bacon butties?

Quality LNER bacon buttie!

Then it was a slow peddle around to brother-in-law Michael’s house in Poplar. This is stop 1 on the route to visit everywhere by bike – this is where I stayed on nearly all work trips to London, very comfortable, very hospitable and definitely off London’s beaten tracks (though remarkably close to Canary Wharf). Total today so far: 9.9 km, got lost twice….

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