Will it all go in the panniers?

Today is final day before I set off – needless-to-say I was promptly swamped in things needing to be done urgently online – so spent 8.45-13.15 sat at the computer… then I had to see if everything would fit onto my bike. A rough dry run a while ago had said yes, but I needed to test with both my non-biking clothes and the biking clothes in the panniers. It is a tight squeeze when everything except sunny bike clothing is put in, but as can be seen below, it does all fit. Fully loaded the bike weighs in at 35 kg – add that to my slightly overweight 95 kg and you get an idea of what needs to be propelled uphill and down dale – and what my brakes need to be able to stop!

Set off on the train tomorrow…..

It does all fit….
All loaded onboard – dryrun

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