Journey 2

After a short visit with my brother-in-law Michael, I set off for Paddington, and guess what? I got hit by a car at the end of Michael’s road. Some ned who was just not looking where he was going. I had stopped at the junction and luckily had both feet on the ground and was able to push backwards as I could see what was happening. My bike was well lit as was my helmet, he was just on the wrong side of the road as he had turned in far too early. No damage was caused, but really!

Destination 1. Michael’s house in Poplar

The nice Garmin navigation machine took me across London past a few notable highlights. These included the old with the new (Tower of London with the Shard), a completely boarded up Big Ben – a metaphor for our current political system if there ever was one – in dire need of rejuvenation and repair. I cannot help feeling that our ancestor, Oliver Cromwell, might well have had a few words to say…. Then past Buck House – good to see that Madge was in residence. Eventually I ended up at Paddington station where I had to wait a bit before being allowed to take my berth on the sleeper. Total distance on this ride: 13.4 km, running total: 23.3 km. One accident.

Tower of London and the Shard, one is low and closer, the other is the tallest building in Europe, but further away…
Anyone can see that this is Big Ben
Not many people have a statue of their great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather outside the Houses of Parliament
Buckingham Palace – also being repaired!
Paddington station
Bed for the night

2 thoughts on “Journey 2

    1. Thanks. Cornish driving leaves a fair bit to be desired also – but luckily most of the roads my navigator takes me down are quiet. I slept much better last night though….


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