Uncle Robin

Today was a day of both sadness and happiness, and certainly one for memory.  My Uncle Robin died earlier in the month, and today was his funeral and interment in Suffolk. It was sad because Robin is no longer with us but on the other hand he had a full and long life (98 years) and bought happiness to many. The eulogy, written mostly by his daughter Judy, was wonderful and covered his life well.

I asked my mother what her favourite memory of him was – it went all the way back to her childhood when Robin used to play with her – he was obviously already a giving person then as he was ten years her senior – not all teenagers would play with their infant sibling.  My memory, and that of one of my brothers, is of a very kind uncle who would let us loose a bit when looking after us when we were children – in contrast to his wife who was a bit more strict – a classic good cop, bad cop I suspect.  Many of Robin’s extended family were also present and was good to hear their memories too. Detail in memories differed but the general memory was the same.

One further personal sad point: I had plotted to call in on Robin on the Down Memory Lane bicycle ride, particularly as he was a keen cyclist when a little younger – now I cannot swap tales and get his wise advice. RIP Robin.

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