Falkland Islands

Mount Longdon, Falkland Islands, far end of training route

I have come to the Falkland Islands to do some work. I was concerned that this would put a large gap in my training schedule and lose fitness. Step forward my friend Neil who, although being away from the islands briefly, lent me his bike. I had to raise the seat somewhat and perhaps the frame is a bit small, but it has two wheels, handlebars, brakes, gears and pedals, so just fine. The Falklands is characterised by strong winds and it was no different today – so strong that I had to pedal to go downhill into the wind! Bicycling in the other direction was easier and I got up to 60 kph in one place (approximately the Standard Falkland Islands speed limit!). The intermittent horizontal sleet showers were not pleasant. There are just a few tarmac roads though, so I rode to the end of the hard surface in two directions and as far a Mount Longdon in the direction of Mount Pleasant airport. The scenery is fairly bleak – mostly grazed vegetation and low hills, with the occasional homestead. I’ve added quite a few new bird species to my ‘sighted while training’ list. I managed 40 km in just over two hours, and that takes me past 1000 km for my total training distance – whoop, whoop!

One thought on “Falkland Islands

  1. Well done Mark. Keep on cycling. You’ll be super fit at the end of this and ready for some more drystone walling!


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