Stoke Mandeville

Today, courtesy of my brother, we visited Jo in Stoke Mandeville National Spinal Injury Centre. This is an excellent facility devoted to helping recuperation from spinal injuries. When we arrived, Jo was playing a game of Boccia. This is a bit like bowls or boules with slightly soft balls – two teams compete to get their balls as close as possible to a target ball. Our mother, who had come too, joined in. It seemed a good and fun way to rebuild motor skills of the upper body.

I have not seen Jo for several months and it was good to see how much progress that she has made now that she is being worked hard in a dedicated facility. It is sad that it took so long for her to get admitted – a demonstration of some of the limitations of the National Health Service. One of the charities that my bicycle ride will support will help as patients move on from Stoke Mandeville. Please do support the Spinal Injuries Association at Thank you very much to everyone that has donated so far.

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