I cannot finish this blog without thanking everyone that has helped make this journey happen.

All those who I visited, provided food, bed and generally supported me, especially when I was tired, sweaty, muddy and wet! Judy and Harry, Sophy, Anne, Michael (John) and Jan, Chris, Rick and Bridge, Julie, John, Bill and Bonk, Guy and Jennie, Mum, Dave and Pauline, John and Fi, Pauline and Bob, Colin and Maria, Simon and Jo, Kel and Al, Sonia, Finlay and Linda, Liz and Garry.

I tried to visit everywhere that I had lived and wrote in advance to introduce myself. Several of those who I wrote to invited me to visit their houses: Helen and Alan, Kate Goodwin, Lorraine and Stuart, Heather and Simon.

Aldridge Cycles, Camborne; Cycle Scene, Haxby; Holburn Cycles, Aberdeen all provided exemplary service.

At the time of writing, 160 individuals (or couples/families), plus an unknown number of those working in Inverdee House, Aberdeen have donated their funds to the charities that this ride was for. Kerstin and Claire at JNCC, Aberdeen helped raise funds also.

Many individuals were friendly and very helpful, often beyond the strict requirements of their jobs. These include hotel and restaurant staff, the man on ferry in Plymouth, and the man who lent me binoculars for stone curlews at Minsmere.

On a more general point, councils that maintain their roads properly deserve acknowledgement. I noticed that higher altitude roads generally were better maintained than lower roads! Good and considerate drivers are always appreciated. Friendly cyclists always helped maintain morale.

My partner Anne has put up with a great deal while I prepared for and carried out this bike ride – it just could not have happened without her.

One thought on “Thanks

  1. Great support team! And good planning on your part.

    now… besides the list of places to eat/sleep/view I would like at some point, once you have recuperated, to get the Cliff Notes of your training schedule. The Spinal Injury folks said you trained for a year. Impressive.

    anyhow, as I’ve said, this has been such vicarious fun as I sit at my desk writing yet another paper…

    best, Pat

    Patricia Baird, Ph.D. Vancouver, BC, Canada Fax 604-689-1051


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