As usual, I have collected a few statistics on this journey. Here are a few of them.

Distance travelled: 3016 km (1874 miles), in 157 hours, 38 minutes and 39 seconds of moving time. Total ascent: 29,928 metres.

Route that I completed
My average speed increased during the trip, variance caused by wind direction and amount of climbing required. Note some days had more than one ride.

The highest maximum speed achieved was 58.78 kph (36.5 mph) on the way down from the highest point on the trip (Lecht towards Tomintoul). Highest speed depends as much on a reliably good road surface as anything else.

As speed increased, my average heart rate dropped – I was getting fitter!
Cadence (number of times I turned the pedals per minute) increased during the trip`

So far, £8000.93 has been donated by 160 individuals/couples/families and an unknown number of cake eaters in Inverdee House – thank you all. There is still time to add to this total: !

Accommodation and food cost me just over £2,500. I spent further on equipment but much of this I can continue to use after the ride.

My weight changed from 95 kg to 89.5 kg.

Total bird species seen or heard: 144.

Total mammals seen: 24 (+2 dead).

Total tubs in fields seen: 165 of which 144 were new.

2 thoughts on “Statistics

  1. sorry – one more thing…

    why do we scientists like to keep records and also calculate things? I think we all are a bit obsessive compulsive.

    Your vertical distance travelled made me wonder which mountains in the world you would have climbed – based on prominence, not on distance from sea level (which many of them you could not climb from top to actual bottom because they are on a plateau). I started with the highest and started adding them. Then once I got near your mark of 29,928m, summing those 4 highest mountains to 27,839 metres, I searched for what the difference was between those two values (2089m), which is how I found that famous mountain in Iceland which is 2110 m. So just ride 21 more metres in elevation, and you will have made it!

    So, less 21 metres, you have climbed, in ascending order of prominence except the big skip from Iceland to Tanzania, Hvannadalshnúkur in Iceland, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Denali in the States, Aconcagua in Argentina, and of course Mount Everest in Nepal and China. Impressive, Mark!

    ok now I really have to return to work! Long coffee break!

    best, Pat

    Patricia Baird, Ph.D. Vancouver, BC, Canada Fax 604-689-1051


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