Equipment 2: Clothing

Continuing the theme of what went on the ride with me, here are a few pictures and comments on clothing worn.

Helmet: this is a first edition Lumos kickstarter helmet – it has lights and indicators and the capacity to have brake lights also (they are coming soon on the next firmware update). Being a first edition it has a few glitches – the padding has frayed and the battery life is not ideal. I tended to use the lights only in cities when the additional indicators were most likely to be of use. I am getting new improved padding to replace the frayed bits.
Cycle jerseys: these are the two given me by the charities that I am raising funds for. I rotated them each day d washed the used one out each night. They dried easily by the morning just hanging in the air.
A common sight in my hotel room! Jersey hanging from a suitable room fitting.
Arm warmers by Castelli. Useful on cool mornings when not cold enough to justify wearing the jacket
Waterproof lightweight cycling jacket by Altura. I bought this en route when I discovered my previous waterproof jacket was not.
Lightweight fleece
Cycling shorts. Possibly the most critical bit of clothing as this is the interface between your body and the bike – if these are not well padded then one can get very sore! Luckily I had two good pairs of shorts – and rotated them every day with a wash out also.
Waterproof hiking trousers (from Rohan). These were genuinely waterproof and ideal on cold wet days (use a bicycle clip too). They are sufficiently smart to have doubled as my non-cycling trousers too
Pair of shoes for when cycling trainers were wet. I did not use these very often – and cycled in trainers (not illustrated) rather than cleated bicycling shoes as my feet are VERY large and I have yet to find a pair of cycling shoes that fit!
Waterproof overshoes from Endura. Very good in the wet – and certainly keep your feet warm too. Bit of a pain to get on and off, but worth it under bad conditions
Gloves and waterproof helmet cover. The latter is well worth it on wet days.
Waterproof over gloves. I found these much easier to use than dedicated waterproof gloves.

Not illustrated are two pairs of underpants, and two T-shirts for use when not cycling, and three pairs of woollen socks – rotated each day and washed out along with the shorts and jerseys.

I took a pair of spare spectacles and a pair of prescription sunglasses too – but never used them

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