Cycle Lanes

Durham cathedral from my hotel room last night

I did a very bad job of meeting up with people in Durham. Sadly my niece Emily who is just completing her degree had flu and was in bed (get well soon) and I met few folk from Durham years, mostly because I have lost touch. Not so Pauline and her husband (newly-minted) Professor Bob (congratulations). I called in on them for a cup of coffee this morning. We remembered old friends – one of whom we miss badly – Dave Isaac who decided several years ago not to carry on with life. He has also been on my mind since talking to that fellow long-distance charity cyclists about his charity – Suicide Prevention.

Dave – RIP

It was then onwards to Newcastle and beyond. I was riding in purpose built cycle lanes (or shared lanes) for most of the way until north of Newcastle. These are highly variable, so I thought I’d illustrate a few issues.

This sign seems to be used to both indicate a cycle lane and to warn motorists that there are cycles about whether there is a cycle lane or not. The art work is standardised.
A great cycle path away from roads and nice and wide.
The cycle path following the south side of the River Tyne. Motorised vehicles do not get this fine view
A wide cycle only path integrates with pedestrians when crossing the Tyne
Proper cycle only lights are very welcome
There are no parking spaces marked on the dedicated cycle lane, however some metal box owners feel they can park anywhere. In this case it was possible to cycle around the back of them, but sometimes this forces cycles out into traffic – exactly what the lane is meant to prevent
Not the best example, but vegetation hanging into cycle lanes (in this case including wild roses) also can force bikes into the traffic
Much appreciated wide cycle lane with dedicated lights.
The variance in road marking keeps me amused. Plainly some artists have never looked at a bicycle, while others seem distinctly uncomfortable!
Durham to Alnwick
The Angel of the North is impressive from all angles

Statistics for yesterday, today and cumulatively: 100 km, 89 km and 1971 km. Ascent: 1377 m, 759 m, 19602 m. I have lost track of the tubs at present – lots!

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