For those not used to Doric, the word drookit means thoroughly wet and miserable. Yesterday was drookit, which was sad as the route took me over some of the finest South Lake District scenery and back into the northern end of the Yorkshire Dales.

Full wet weather gear and ready to go

Anyone in the UK will know that it has been unseasonably wet and cold, and I was very glad to have got through Lincolnshire before the floods had struck there. It had rained heavily in Barrow overnight and there were plenty of deep puddles to navigate around (bikes tend not to go through as floods can hide some pretty large potholes)

Large puddles/flooded road outside Barrow
Today’s route

The route was mostly surrounded by hedges or woods for which I was grateful as they gave me shelter from the mostly northerly (head) wind. I failed to get a photo on the second ferry crossing of the journey (across Windermere) being partly fascinated by the blue bin liners being worn by two of the other cyclists on the crossing, and partly struggling to put back on my waterproof trousers as I was getting cold.

Wet south Lakeland scenery
Some excellent place names
Woodland and wall
I came across a farmer rebuilding his drystone wall in the rain. I stopped to have a chat but sadly he did not want to be in the picture. Wall building technique is very similar to NE Scotland but differed in the lack of monster boulders. The wall here had been demolished a number of times by large European trucks following their satellite navigation systems down a road clearly marked at both ends as unsuitable for HGVs (with a truck symbol crossed out in red) . A little further on I found a little stone bridge also badly damaged and closed from the same thing. I am surprised that the insurance companies and navigation providers cannot get together to solve this issue.
Talking of drystone walls, I am not sure what happened here…
Arrival at Brownber Hall, comfortable, peaceful and dry destination
This pretty much summarises the weather today – when given a choice, sheep will make the sensible one!

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