Friends and family

A nice burst of people visited in the last 24 hours. My ride from Marlborough yesterday took me to my friends Rick and Bridge in deepest Berkshire. Richard is the only friend from Marlborough that I have kept up with. He and I went birding together then, often in a small party led by one of our teachers.

Richard (furthest right) with school party of birders, Camargue 1972
Bridget in the New Forest, early 1980s I think
Rick and Bridge today!
Refreshment was required….

There is nothing like the feel-good of catching up with old friends, and always it is sad to leave after a short visit. My next visit was even shorter – a cup of tea or two with my friend Julie whom I have known since the early 1980s.


Then it was onwards to visit my sister in Stoke Mandeville hospital. This is one of the best facilities for helping the recovery of spinal injuries and my sister has a heavy therapy regime so visiting times are late afternoon only. It was great to see her, with definite continuing signs of improvement from her original almost total paralysis following her accident. She is sitting up much better than she was in her wheelchair

Jo and I outside Stoke Mandeville hospital

Stoke Mandeville is also the home of the Paralympics and I was staying in some of their accommodation, so got access to the facilities. Very impressive they are too – accompanied by a little museum. Many of the mascots from London 2012 were around too.

London 2012 mascot
Founder of the Paralympics
Racing wheelchair evolution
Another mascot from London 2012

It was wonderful to see Jo again – I shall hasten back, but first a little ride must be completed….

Jo and I in the fabulous Horatio’s garden

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