The Plan

I will be bicycling the length of Britain (all being well!) in late May/June 2019, visiting all of the places that I have lived for longer that a month (cumulatively). Since I was born in Redruth, Cornwall and have lived in Orkney I shall cover Britain from south to north. I also lived at Minsmere in east Suffolk and Walney Island off the Lake District, so there will be some good coverage from west to east too.  My route takes me to all other places that I have lived, and past quite a few friends and family that I hope to visit as well.

I am seeking to raise funds for two charities related to the human condition: my blog is called Down Memory Lane as I am interested in the importance of memory and the impact of loss of memory caused by dementia in its many forms – so one charity addresses that: Alzheimer’s Research UK. The second charity is the Spinal Injuries Association: my sister had an accident before Christmas that badly damaged her neck/upper spine. She is presently in Stoke Mandeville hospital making good progress with the help of the excellent specialists there.

I will try to update this blog regularly between now and the start of my ride – perhaps illustrated with the scenery around Aberdeenshire within which I’ll be training.  Once the ride starts, I hope to update more frequently.

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